Probably one of the most powerful hand held guns in the galaxy, the Valkorian Cannon is given it's name for the ammunition it carries. Each round is a highly energized explosive capsule encased in a negative Higgs field. It is designed to pass through matter to a determined depth then release it explosive energy causing catastrophic damage. Chilling stories have been told where bunkers have been destroyed from the inside without any damage to the exterior walls. No conventional armor can repel the devastation of this unique round.

This is a scrap built model with a plastic gun base. Several pieces have been added to modify the gun, and it has been hand painted to look like a Sci-Fi prop weapon. It is somewhat durable. It has an adult medium size handle. Constructed of mostly plastic parts, it has a realistic look and is good for movie prop use or cosplay. There is a switch on the bottom which turns on a lighted square portion on the left side of the prop. There are no moving parts and the gun is non-functional. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

This is a scrap-built one of a kind model.

Artist: Edward Arnold

Dimensions: 27" x 10" x 5"
Weight: 3lbs 8oz