This miracle of science is a canteen that never goes dry. It is layered in a hygroscopic barrier that absorbs any moisture in it's contact. It then filters it through layers of internal purifiers until only clean H2O remains. Desert nomads use this because it can capture air moisture and morning due enough to keep a person alive. It is also common where stagnant waters are prevalent. Just let the canteen sit in the most putrid of waters and it absorbs and purifies it safe for drinking.

This is a scrap built mostly plastic prop. It is somewhat durable. It is a non-functional prop. There are no moving parts and it cannot be opened or filled with fluids. It has a non-adjustable nylon strap that can be used to carry it with. This prop is for aesthetic purposes and would complement any sci-fi warrior or desert raider costume. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

This is a scrap-built one of a kind model.

Artist: Thoedore Roebuck

Height: 7"
Diameter: 4"